Privacy Policy

Hayashi Paper Co.,Ltd. (“the Company”) collect personal information from the website user (“the Individual”) from The DROP Online store (“the Website”) or in writing upon the Individual’s consent to the following conditions:

Definition of personal information

“Personal information” refers to information concerning an individual that includes his or her name, e-mail address or other items such as a unique number, code, symbol, image or voice data that can be used to identify the individual (including information that, by itself, cannot be used to identify the individual but can be easily combined with other information to do so).

Person responsible for management of personal information within the Company
The DROP Online store
Shizuoka Pref,417-0847 Japan
TEL : 0545-34-1441

Purpose of collection

(1) For the customer to use the services on the Website
(2) To execute commercial transactions on the Website
(3) For the Company’s advertisements, marketing, etc.
(4) To respond to customer inquiries
(5) For other associated services
-When necessary to provide services associated with (1) through (4) above

Sharing of personal information

The personal information collected shall not be provided to a third party without the Individual’s consent. However, the Individual’s consent shall not be required in the following cases:
(1) The provision of said information is required by law
(2) The provision of said information is determined by the Company or a government agency to be necessary for the protection of vital interests such as the life, health or property of the Individual, the Company or the public

Consignment of tasks involving the use of personal information

Processing of the personal information collected from the Individual may be consigned to an outside party. When such a need arises, the contractor will be assessed from the perspective of their ability to protect the personal information, and an agreement concerning the protection of said information will be concluded with them.

Voluntary nature of the provision of personal information and result of opting not to provide it
Whether or not to provide personal information to the Company is up to the Individual. Note, however, that if the information necessary for use of the Website is not provided, the Individual may not be able to use the services offered on the Website.

Right to request disclosure of personal information, right to request correction or deletion of information if it is found to be incorrect and specific instructions on how to execute those rights.
In the event that the Individual finds an error in the personal information provided to the Company, he or she may edit or add to it at any time.